VAC4EU is dedicated to making the results of vaccine monitoring studies and other outputs publicly available to the audience. These outputs can be reports from projects VAC4EU was a part of (deliverables), interim reports uploaded to our Zenodo community, scientific publications, webinars, presentations, and videos.

Vaccine Study Results

In this section you will find results from protocol-based studies generated by VAC4EU. Each study is registered in the EUPAS register. Studies may vary between vaccine coverage, effectiveness, risk and benefit/risk.


To facilitate the design and conduct of vaccine coverage, effectiveness, risk and benefit-risk monitoring several tools are made available. These include tools that can be used in the design (vaccine effectiveness, interrelationships, database fingerprint), conduct (VaccO, Codemapper) and presentation of results (Dashboard for benefit-risk monitoring)


Estimation of coverage, effectiveness, risks and benefit-risk of vaccines using heterogeneous health care databases in Europe, requires continuous innovation of methods. The consortium has created reports on the state of the art methods and has developed several new methodologies.

Database Characterisation

ADVANCE and VAC4EU use available electronic health databases (big data) to estimate coverage, benefits and risks of vaccines. Since these databases are not made for research but for adminstrative or clinical practice, we have created a detailed database characterization workflow, to assess whether datasources are fit for purpose. This entails meta-data but also detailed evaluation of population size, age, follow-up, entry and exit, vaccine exposures and coverage and rates of events based on actual data analysis.

Best Practice

The generation of evidence from health care data needs to be conducted following best practice guidance. ADVANCE has created guidance documents on the Code of Conduct (how do we work together), governance (how should collaborations be structured), quality and communication.


Vaccine hesitancy is relatively high in Europe and adequate communication with society and health care professionals is essential. Several studies were done to assess hesitancy and modalities to better communicate with society.


In this section you will find dissemination materials on ADVANCE and VAC4EU events


In this section you will find presentations on ADVANCE and VAC4EU