The vision of VAC4EU is: Best real world evidence on vaccine coverage, benefits and risks in Europe to support public health and decision making. VAC4EU realizes that beyond a study network that actually generates evidence, scientists from all stakeholders should be able to have a forum to discuss science: results, methods and best practice. The VAC4EU community is open to all persons who wish to make a contribution.

How to become part of the community?

Join the VAC4EU forum, by enlisting yourself on the distribution list. Please contact, and provide your affiliation, interests, picture and approval to be published.

What’s in it for me?

As community member you may participate in Topic groups and its publications, you increase your network and are able to provide advice to the VAC4EU General Assembly

What are my obligations?

The two obligations are that you subscribe to the VAC4EU mission and vision and behave respectfully

What if my organisation is already a VAC4EU member?

Individuals that work with a member organisation can be part of the VAC4EU community and should sign up on the distribution list (see above). Check here if your organisation is already a member.