Study Network

Database characterisation and assessment

In order to characterize the data sources based on actual content of the data and assess whether they were fit for purpose for vaccines studies we developed database characterisation procedures, which was called fingerprinting.

The fingerprinting of input files demonstrated to be a good system for harmonisation and benchmarking and it is crucial to assess feasibility of data sources to participate in network studies on specific questions.

Database characterisation in VAC4EU

All VAC4EU members who would like to contribute data in VAC4EU studies, are obliged to provide meta-data to the ENCePP registry of data sources and conduct dedicated VAC4EU database characterization to assess whether data are fit-for purpose. Aggregated data on vaccine and event fingerprinting will be made available in the fingerprint tool which allows for interactive querying of these feasibility assessment data. Fingerprinting will be done on the population, routine vaccinations and specific events of interest.