About VAC4EU


VAC4EU is governed by the provisions of Title III of the Belgian law of 27th June 1921 on non-profit organisations, international non-profit organisations and foundations and modified subsequently by the program law of December 31st, 2004 regarding the articles 279 and 285 of the same law, as published in the Official Journal under the circular of June 2d., 2005.

VAC4EU domicile is located in Washington street 40, B-1050 Brussels for an unlimited period of time. It is registered under the Bank Carrefour of Enterprise accordingly to the Belgian laws and obligations. The official language within the VAC4EU is English. Official documents will be either translated into French or Dutch according to the principle of submission of an International Association status in a Belgian legal language.

Ethical principles

Each Member of VAC4EU is committed to integrity and to respect the confidentiality of VAC4EU internal documents labelled as confidential. VAC4EU and its Members shall operate in full compliance with all national And European laws.

Articles of the Association signed by the King of Belgian

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