About VAC4EU

VAC4EU (Vaccine monitoring Collaboration for Europe) is the sustainability solution of the ADVANCE project which was funded by the Innovative Medicines Initiative from October 2013-ends in March 2019. VAC4EU implements the ADVANCE vision, system and blueprint and enable robust and timely evidence-generation on the effects of vaccines in a collaborative manner in Europe for use by citizens, health care professionals, public health organizations and regulatory agencies. VAC4EU is a multi-stakeholder international association with a study network to run studies and an open community for scientific debate.


  • is a not-for profit international association, with institutional memberships (study network)

  • provides access to a well characterised public study network, which can provide data access and perform studies for different internal and external requesters such as vaccine manufacturers, European Commission, regulators, public health institutes.

  • has an independent scientific and audit committee, and strategic advisory board for advise.

  • will maintain a community which is an open forum for scientific discussions and methods development

Organisational structure

Management of VAC4EU is ensured by the following bodies: The General Assembly, the Executive Board and the secretary General and Office. VAC4EU may also create advisory committees: Scientific committees (study specific and open community), Financial Audit and Independent Strategic Advisory Boards and Working Groups within the -Objectives- of VAC4EU in various forms.

Code of conduct

IMI’s ADVANCE project published a Code of Conduct: a document which contains a set of guiding principles for the multiple decisions that need to be taken at all stages of the planning, design, conduct and reporting of future studies. The ADVANCE Code of Conduct will facilitate and speed-up initiation, design, conduct and reporting of studies.


VAC4EU is governed by the provisions of Title III of the Belgian law of 27th June 1921 on non-profit organizations, international non-profit organizations and foundations and modified subsequently by the program law of December 31st, 2004 regarding the articles 279 and 285 of the same law, as published in the Official Journal under the circular of June 2d., 2005.