VAC4EU is dedicated to the principle of open science and promotes the access, dissemination, and reuse of its research outputs. This means making the results of vaccine monitoring studies and other outputs publicly available. Outputs include deliverables from projects VAC4EU was a part of, scientific publications, scripts, template protocols and event definitions generated from the ACCESS project, and content from our training and education efforts.


Reports and other results from VAC4EU studies are publicly available on Zenodo.


All peer-reviewed journal articles reporting on the results of VAC4EU studies are open access. 

Template Protocols

VAC4EU produced template protocols for vaccine monitoring studies making use of secondary data sources.

Event Definition Forms

VAC4EU generated definition forms and code lists for 27 adverse events.

Training & Education

VAC4EU has participated in the creation of a number of recorded webinars, videos, podcasts and presentations.