Database characterisation

ADVANCE and VAC4EU use available electronic health databases (big data) to estimate coverage, benefits and risks of vaccines. Since these databases are not made for research but for adminstrative or clinical practice, we have created a detailed database characterization workflow, to assess whether datasources are fit for purpose. This entails meta-data but also detailed evaluation of population size, age, follow-up, entry and exit, vaccine exposures and coverage and rates of events based on actual data analysis.


Sturkenboom M et al. ADVANCE database characterization and fit for purpose assessment for multi-country studies on the coverage, benefits and risks of pertussis vaccinations (in preparation)
Willame C et al. Background rates of selected health outcomes of interest extracted from observational European healthcare databases (in preparation)
Braeye T et al. Age-specific vaccination coverage estimates for Influenza, Human Papillomavirus and Measles component containing vaccine from seven population-based Healthcare Databases from four countries – a contribution of the ADVANCE project (in preparation)
Report ADVANCE: Catalogue and meta-profiles of data sources for vaccine benefit-risk monitoring