Training & Webinars

VAC4EU aims to educate researchers, policy makers, regulators and citizens to be able to generate, understand and interpret real world evidence on vaccine coverage, benefits and risks. This is actively being accomplished through e-learning modules and webinars about a variety of topics in vaccine research methodology, VAC4EU tools, and studies.

Public Webinars on Vaccine Research Methdology

There are many subtopics within the umbrella of vaccine safety, effectiveness and coverage research. Experts both from within and external to the VAC4EU network have presented on these complex topics, ranging from vaccine confidence to target trial emulation. These presentations, originally part of various live network meetings, courses, and online webinars, are now available here and on our YouTube channel for the greater scientific community.

Public Webinars Featuring VAC4EU Tools

VAC4EU has released several webinars introducing and demonstrating various internal tools, from the Catalogue for metadata to a Digital Research Environment.

Public Webinars Featuring VAC4EU Studies

VAC4EU has presented on the projects and kick-off for studies and initiatives.


A new book, Vaccination Programmes: Epidemiology, Monitoring, Evaluation, by Susan Hahné, Kaatje Bollaerts, and Paddy Farrington has now been published, entirely open access!

The idea for this book was initially developed during meetings for ADVANCE, an IHI/IMI project running from 2013-2019 which focused on the rapid generation of vaccine benefit and risk evidence (learn more about ADVANCE here). As the successor of ADVANCE, implementing its vision and blueprint, VAC4EU is incredibly proud to promote this book, aimed at anyone involved in vaccination programs. The book explores epidemiological methods that can be used to study their impacts, benefits, and risks in a real-world setting. Get your copy for free!

VAC4EU Academy

VAC4EU has partnered with Elevate Health to create and maintain the VAC4EU Academy, which holds e-modules for members. PIs, statisticians, programmers and project managers who work for VAC4EU member organisations and assist in VAC4EU-led studies are required to take these courses. The material covers a variety of topics, including how to use the VAC4EU/ConcePTION Common Data Model (CDM) and tools such as GitHub. New modules are continuously developed, with four courses finalised in 2023 and several more planned for 2024. These courses are in line with VAC4EU’s commitment to developing a community of vaccine experts by providing training and education.

Request more information about these courses through the Secretariat at

External Podcasts

On the 26th of October, 2021, VAC4EU President Miriam Sturkenboom was invited to feature on the Vital Health Podcast series hosted by Vital Transformation.