The ADVANCE consortium has created a toolbox which can be used to assess feasibility of datasources, design studies and visualize studies on vaccine coverage, benefits and/or risks.

Tools for vaccine study design and conduct

IR Interrelations

This tool helps in calculation of validity indices of event definitions (sensitivity, specificity and positive predictive values) in case not all of them are observed in the study. It starts from the observed prevalence of the event and two other parameters (either validity indices or the true prevalence).

VE Vaccine Effectiveness

This tool allows you to explore the impact of differential and non-differential exposure- and outcome misclassification on estimates of vaccine effectiveness based on different study designs.


The VaccO web applications are based on an ontology about vaccines allowing for 1) the analysis of individual vaccine descriptors, 2) the selection of vaccine codes based on their defining properties and 3) the alignment of any pair of user-provided vaccine coding systems.


This tool was built to deal efficiently with the reality that in Europe, datasources use different vocabularies to code diagnoses. It facilitates mapping across different terminologies and has a knowlegde management system to capture decisions and edits.

Visualisation tool for monitoring of benefit-risk

The Benefit-risk dashboard

Shows how results of studies on the benefits and risks of vaccines can be displayed to users, and how these components can be assessed together. An example is available with simulated data and one with real data from the proof of concept studies of ADVANCE.

Tools for feasibility assessment of datasources

Data (under construction)

The fingerprint tool is displaying aggregated data (inidence rates of events and vaccine exposure and coverage) from the database characterization and allows for querying and comparison. This data is for feasibility assessment.