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Workflows & methods

VAC4EU conducts studies on background rates, vaccine coverage, benefits and risks based on the system that was developed and tested in the ADVANCE project.


Several steps are required to generate evidence and these can be supported by tools and templates that were developed in ADVANCE as displayed in the figure below.

Process map

A detailed study proccess map was developed to align and plan the different steps of a collaborative study.

Sharing of data

VAC4EU will use a distributed system to generate evidence according to the processes developed and tested in ADVANCE. Original health care data remain local, governed by the data access providers. For the conduct of studies, data access providers are asked to extract study specific data from their datasources and convert them into a simple common data model with pre-specified variables. Common analytical programs, will be sent to the data access provider and executed locally. The aggregated output of those programs is anonimized and shared centrally for pooling according to below figure.